TCS/TPS Mains Test Series 2022

Mains answer writing plays a vital role and is undoubtedly the most important component among all three stages of the TCS/TPS Grade-II Civil Service Examination.

Our expertise lies in developing conceptual, dynamic, and static questions for TCS/TPS Mains that not only conform to the TPSC standard but also help aspirants cover the syllabus in a timely and effective manner.

We have developed significant proficiency in evaluating main answers and in providing valuable feedback. This feedback will help you immensely to improve your answer writing within a short time.

Salient Features

  • An excellent combination of questions from static and dynamic topics as per the popular trend in TCS/TPS Mains in strict adherence to the Main Examination Syllabus.
  • Question papers are prepared after rigorous research work
  • A reasonable gap is maintained between the tests to ensure adequate preparation
  • Time-bound evaluation of answer sheets by a dedicated team of experts.

Structure of Mains Test Series (Total Tests- 15)

GS Paper-I                   –      (3 Full-Length Sets)

GS Paper-II                  –      (3 Full-Length Sets)

GS Paper-III                 –      (3 Full-Length Sets)

GS Paper- IV                –      (3 Full-Length Sets)

Language Paper-I       –     (3 Full-Length Sets)

Language Paper-II      –     (3 Full-Length Sets)

*Note: Under Language Paper-II, only Test Series will be available only for Alternative English subjects.

Course Fees Rs. 6999 only.

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