TCS/TPS Grade- II Prelims Syllabus

TPSC Prelims Syllabus [Total Marks -200]

(i) English Composition 30 marks

(ii) General Knowledge & Current Events of Local, National & International Importance. – 30 marks

(iii) History of Modern India and Indian National Movement for the period 1857 to 1947. – 20 marks

(iv) Geography of India – 20 marks

(v) Geography, History & Culture of Tripura – 15 marks

(vi) Indian Polity and Economy – 25 marks

(vii) General Science and Environment – 25 marks

(viii) General Mental Ability – 20 marks

(ix) Numerical Ability15 marks

TPSC Prelims Detailed Syllabus:

     English Composition: –
  • Question on English Composition will cover Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • use of common Phrase & Idioms
  • use of appropriate Prepositions and Articles
  • Comprehension, Ordering of words in a sentence
  • Ordering of sentences, spotting of errors
  • use of appropriate and qualifying words etc.
     History of Modern India & Indian National Movement for the period 1857 to 1947: –
  • In History, emphasis will be on a broad general understanding of the subject in its Social, Economic, and Political aspects.
  • Questions on the Indian National Movement will relate to the nature and character of the Nineteenth Century resurgence, growth of Nationalism, and attainment of Independence.
     Geography of India: –
  • Question on Geography of India will relate to Physical, Social & Economic Geography of the country including the main features of Indian Agriculture and Natural Resources.
     Geography, History & Culture of Tripura: –
  • In Geography of Tripura, emphasis will be on its natural resources with special reference to its soil, forest, water, and power.
  • The period from 1857 to 1949 will be considered for the setting question on the History of Tripura.
  • There will be questions on different Tribes, Languages, Customs, Festivals, Important Historical sites, etc.
     Indian Polity and Economy: –
  • Indian Polity and Economy will test the knowledge of the candidates in the Country’s Political system and the Constitution of India
  • Panchayati Raj
  • Community development
  • Economic development during Plan periods
     General Science and Environment: –
  • Questions on General Science and Environment will cover general appreciation and understanding of science and environment including matters of everyday observation and experience along with general awareness of Information & Communication Technology as may be expected of a well-educated person who has not made a special study of any particular scientific discipline.
     General Mental Ability: –
  • On General, Mental Ability questions will be set on logical perception, understanding, natural conclusion, etc.
     Numerical Ability: –
  • Questions on Numerical Ability will be similar to that of the Compulsory Mathematics paper at the Madhyamik Examination of Tripura Board of Secondary Education.

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