TCS/TPS Prelims Test Series 2022/2023/2024

Preliminary Examination- Test Series – 2022/2023/2024

Oriental IAS Academy launches offline Test series for TCS/TPS Preliminary Exam – 2022/2023/2024 at Agartala Centre.

Test Series plays a crucial role in clearing the first hurdle of the journey of Civil Services. Sometimes, even the brightest of the candidates fail to clear it due to the unpredictable nature of questions. Hence, a solid remedy to deal with Preliminary Exam is to go through a quality test series to maximize your chance to appear in Main Examination.

Oriental’s TCS/TPS Preliminary Exam- Test series is power-packed to deliver in-depth coverage of the syllabus. Precisely designed test series will give you a real-time feel of TCS/TPS prelims covering entire static and current portions. We are dedicated to making sure that our students are exam-ready, with all the information and tools needed to handle any surprises that TPSC might throw at them.

Structure of Test Series (15 Tests)

TCS/TPS Prelims Test Series – 2022, will be conducted over a period of 4-5 months subject to the official notification for the TCS/TPS Preliminary Exam conducted by TPSC. It includes 15 comprehensive Tests.

Features of Oriental’s TCS/TPS Prelims Test Series

  • Complete coverage of syllabus of TPSC (TCS/TPS) Prelims
  • Quality of MCQs at par with questions of TCS/TPS Exam strictly adhering to the nature and pattern of questions asked by TPSC.
  • Detailed analysis of question paper with proper answer key (with explanation)
  • Section-wise analysis of Test Series to help students evaluate their performance and course correction.

Pattern: General Studies Paper (200 MCQ = 200 Marks)

Mode: Offline/ Online

Fees– Rs. 4999 Only

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